NewBirth Creative Design Agency featured in local community newspaper

NewBirth Creative Design Agency was recently featured in the local community newspaper, The Franklin Sun. Here is our official press release.

Local design agency making waves in community

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do.” For a local businessman, these words ring especially true.

Micah Touchet moved to Winnsboro in the winter of 2003 with little more than a young company and a desire to make his community a better place. “It’s true that none of us can do it all, but all of us can do something,” he says. “And my goal is that what I do will make a positive impact on someone today, and tomorrow.”

Micah Touchet is a designer. His official title at the company he owns and operates is Creative Director, which encompasses the work of a graphic designer, copywriter and marketing expert. His company is NewBirth Creative Design Agency—a small design and branding firm in Winnsboro that boasts an impressive clientele. With companies from California to North Carolina and other states in between calling regularly on the services provided by NewBirth Creative, Touchet relates a number of high-profile projects of which he has been privileged to be part. “We’ve worked with an international realty company in Los Angeles to develop creative for an upscale outdoor shopping mall. We’ve also provided design services for several NASCAR sponsors, including vehicle wraps for the race cars.” Another project was product packaging and point of sale material design for an energy drink recently introduced by Hooters. “We’ve worked with Ball Corporation to provide design on several beverage packages,” says Touchet.

However, NewBirth Creative seems to have a particular enthusiasm for working with clients right here in Franklin Parish. “Some of our best clients are right here at home,” says Touchet.

“One of the strongest brand names in quality furniture is Vineyard Furniture, International—and their corporate location is Winnsboro,” relates Touchet. “We’ve been honored to work with them for a number of years. They have an impressive position in the market and are serious about providing the customer with an outstanding experience.” Eric Ashley, Vice President of Vineyard Furniture, International, agrees the relationship with NewBirth Creative has been advantageous. “Our industry is extremely competitive and, over the past decade, has generally become more driven by commodity pricing on sub-standard workmanship. We’ve chosen to take the route of offering better products; but marketing to our target customer can be very difficult to understand and even harder to execute. The team at NewBirth Creative was insightful enough to listen to what we had to say and was quite methodical in deriving a branding scheme that portrayed who we were and who we wanted to be in a manner that effectively targeted who we were trying to sell. We’ve worked with high-powered branding agencies before…some who said they ‘got it’, but didn’t. I’m frankly not sure anyone’s done a better job than Micah.”

NewBirth Creative was also instrumental in developing the brand of a local deer attractant manufacturer owned by Hank Parker. “We created a new logo, packaging design for their entire product line, as well as provided myriad other creative support for C’Mere Deer, which is based here in Winnsboro,” states Touchet.

Any company desiring to be a good influence is involved in the community, and NewBirth Creative is no different. Touchet shares, “One of our partners is the Princess Theatre, and we provide pro-bono media services to the organization, including a recently revamped website.” Gene Thompson, who is Executive Director for the Princess Theatre, says, “The Princess Theatre is so very fortunate to have Micah and the team from NewBirth Creative creating its web site. NewBirth Creative is professional in the very manner of the word. Their approach to not only the business relationship but also the site itself is refreshing and new. We are excited about the future we have through technology and NewBirth Creative makes it even better.”

Other community projects include being commissioned by the Winnsboro-Franklin Parish Chamber of Commerce to develop a fresh web presence, and an upcoming launch of a new website for the City of Winnsboro. “Mr. Paul Price, Jr., has been a great friend and mentor in the community, as well as influential in providing many of our local opportunities,” says Touchet. “I’ve worked closely with NewBirth Creative over the past couple of years, and have been very pleased with the results,” says Paul Price, Jr. “They’re very easy to work with and give prompt service when there are problems, and you can’t ask for much more than that. They did a great job on our B&B website design, and implemented a number of little things that enhanced it even more. Their attention to detail made a big difference with the site.”

In addition to their efforts here in Franklin Parish, NewBirth Creative was recently commissioned by the Northeast Louisiana Economic Alliance (NELEA) to work with 57 communities across north Louisiana, providing each community with a presence on the web. These websites will individually reflect what makes each area special, as well as features unique to the community.

In the annual meeting for NELEA, held Friday, December 12, 2008 in Delhi, Louisiana, Tana Trichel, CEO of NELEA, formally recognized NewBirth Creative Design Agency and introduced Creative Director Micah Touchet to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and the others present there. The crowd of approximately 350 included U.S. congressmen, senators, state officials, mayors and CEO’s from regional corporations. NewBirth Creative will also be agency of record for NELEA, providing creative and media service to the organization. Creative services will include websites, brochures, presentations and other media services.

To be sure, there have been challenges with short-sighted clients and even erratic personnel. “We have learned many lessons about managing in the eight years of business,” Touchet acknowledges. “But it’s that experience that gives us a real advantage when it comes to understanding how to help our clients. And we are very strict about our talent resources.”

With many businesses looking merely to stay afloat in these times of economic uncertainty, it’s clear that through diligence, NewBirth Creative has not only grown—it’s flourished. “My vision is to have a world-class design agency right here in the heart of Franklin Parish,” Touchet reveals. “I once read a quotation that says, ‘Most people have the will to win—few have the will to prepare to win.’ This has become a personal dictum to me, both a challenge and admonition of sorts.”

Indeed, with his ardor for excellence that drives every project and the evident blessing that he attributes to God, Micah Touchet and NewBirth Creative Design Agency will continue to be an integral and unique part of the community—now and for years to come.

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