NewBirth Creative launches new website today

If you were trying to visit our main website,, today around 4:00pm CDST, and you were redirected to a page that said, “Sorry, we are down for just a moment. New website coming within a few minutes. Hang tight!”, then you will want to check out what we were doing.

Today, we launched a completely new, coded from the ground up, website for NewBirth Creative. We also have tweaked the brand to give it an even “fresher” feel. This is reflected, too, in our letterhead, business cards and other media.

This marks the fifth redesign in about seven years. While this one wasn’t so overdue like the others were, there was several things that we vastly improved in the areas of look, feel, usability, resources and SEO.

A few things that we did were:

  1. Tweaked the rotating banners on the front page, added a new one and rewrote the script so the transistions would be compatible with Firefox.
  2. Added a live news feed to all of the pages that features updatability through a very simple, password protect page we can access from anywhere.
  3. Added a contextual menu that assists in navigation throughout the site.
  4. Updated the terms.
  5. Complete recreated our portfolio, to better represent our work, and used a proprietary form of the popular lightbox style script to show closeups of our work.
  6. Updated our About page.
  7. Updated our Client page.
  8. Created a Client login section that will enable clients to preview, review and approve work, download files (most popular) and also make online payments to their account.
  9. Created a comprehensive list of our services.
  10. Launched this blog!

Take some time, look over our site, then let us know what you think! And if you are needing quality creative design work, drop us a line!

Best regards,
Micah Touchet
Creative Director

Welcome to the first post on the Fresh Ideas blog


My name is Micah Touchet, and I’m the creative director here at NewBirth Creative. We are revamping our website and adding a blog and I’ll be writing here frequently about things (hopefully) that will be of interest to you.

We hope to cover several categories, so far Creativity and Design; Marketing; Miscellaneous; Rants and Raves; and of course, the ubiquitous Uncategorized.

We will also occasionally have guest columnists from time to time.

If you have any ideas or questions, comments or suggestions, post a comment here or email me.

Best regards,
Micah Touchet
Creative Director